Sinocastel A266 is a G-sensor dash cam. Small and lightweight, easy to install, mobile APP control, real-time viewing of video and pictures, wireless wifi transmission, single-channel 1080P 30fps high-definition loop recording.

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Multi-functional ADAS Camera / Dash Camera

Dash Camera A263 is a multi-functional product that integrates a high-performance quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor. It has the characteristics of multi-interface and high cost performance, and can be used for car driving safety assistance and driving video recording.

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Vehicle OBD GPS Tracker Accessories

By eliminating the traditional round cable and replacing it with a flat flexible ribbon and low profile J1962 OBD II port connectors we have created a cable with the largest amount of flexibility ever! The cable can be bent to the left or right, under, over, or around just about anything.

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GPS tracker accessories
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