Rechargeable Asset GPS Tracker

LT-164 is a rechargeable GPS tracking terminal.The product does not need external connection,can be installed on the moving object,the appearance is small.Built-in super lithium battery, charging a sustainable work for 50 hours.Save electricity mode, standby work 800 hours.Supports GPS, AGPS and base station positioning.

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Long Stand-by Asset GPS Tracking Device

LT-160 is a long stand-by real-time asset GPS tracking device, with exquisite appearance and small size, without any external wires, it can be installed on any moving target objects for asset location tracking, understand and improve asset utilization and anti-thief. It is built in super Li-battery with ultra-low self discharge rate, can work continuously for 3 years and supports GPS, AGPS and LBS location.

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Asset GPS Tracker
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