• Long Stand-by Asset GPS Tracking Device
  • Long Stand-by Asset GPS Tracking Device
  • Long Stand-by Asset GPS Tracking Device
  • Long Stand-by Asset GPS Tracking Device
  • Long Stand-by Asset GPS Tracking Device

Long Stand-by Asset GPS Tracking Device

Model NO. LT-160

LT-160 is a long stand-by real-time asset GPS tracker, with exquisite appearance and small size, without any external wires, it can be installed on any moving target objects for asset location tracking, understand and improve asset utilization and anti-thief. It is built in super Li-battery with ultra-low self discharge rate which less than 1% with 1 year storage at 25℃, it can work continuously for 3 years and supports GPS, AGPS and LBS location.

Asset Tracking Solutions

  • Trailer Tracking
  • Rental Equipment Tracking
  • GPS Package Tracking
  • Container GPS Tracking

Powerful Magnetic

Device is equipped with 5 round Nd-Fe-B super permanent magnets, which can be firmly adsorbed on the metal surface, make sure the installation is convenient and more concealed.


Realtime Tracking

Send the SMS command or send the GPRS command from the platform to track the vehicle in real-time when the vehicle is stolen or in the emergency.

Intelligent Tracking

Device reports one location message per 24 hours by default, it can be configured. The location information includes positioning status, longitude and latitude, GSM signal intensity, GPS satellites number, battery voltage etc. 

Long Standby Time

for more than 1000 days with 1 message per day, no need to change the battery frequently.


Removal Alarm

The low battery alarm will be generated and uploads to server when the voltage of the battery lower than 3.3.V, the built-in battery must be replaced as soon as possible after this alarm generated.

Low battery ALarm

There is an anti disassemble alarm button in the bottom, device will be activated and starts to upload the current position information when it is removed. 

Dimension 80mm(L) x 51mm(W) x 31mm(H)
Weight 200g
Data transmission GPRS/SMS
Positioning method GPS/A-GPS/LBS
Built-In battery Disposable super Li-battery with large capacity
Ultra-low self discharge rate: <1% with 1 year storage at 25℃
Working Current: <120mA
Standby Current: <30uA
GPS Channels: 50
Sensitivity: -161dBm Accuracy: 5m CEP Cold start: <27s
Hot start: <1s
GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Network protocol: Embedded TCP/IP stack
Sensitivity: -107dBm@850/900MHz
Output power: Class 4 (2W)@850/900MHz
Class 1 (1W)@1800/1900MHz
GPRS data: GPRS Class 10, Mobile Station Class B
LED Indication GPS/GPRS
-30℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity 5% ~ 95% (no fog)
Asset tracking device is designed to improve productivity and utilization with real-time asset tracking and management of trailers, containers, rental equipment, package, generators and more, and to help minimize your operating costs and maximize asset performance.

Main Functions:

Real time Monitoring - Monitor your valuable fleet assets when they’re on the road and off with GPS tracking. Locate and recover equipment. 
Geo-fence alerts - Set up immediate alerts for entering or exiting a geofenced zone.
Ultra-long Battery Life - Asset trackers feature a ruggedized design and long battery life, suitable for outdoor use and harsh weather. 

Easily install - The devices can be easily deployed via their strong magnetic base; device installation is as simple as placing the device on a suitable piece of metal.

GPS asset tracking is widely used in a wide range of assets and vehicle fleets in every industry. Want to know where your assets are when you need them? GPS  asset tracking device is your best choice.


  • Transportation and logistics
  • Trailers
  • Construction Equipment & Machinery
  • Food or pharmaceuticals
  • Landscaping
  • Package Tracking
  • Oil, gas, and mining
  • Rental Tools and Equipment
  • Utilities
  • Police and first responders
  • High-Value Assets


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