• 2G Car OBD GPS Tracker with Mileage Statistics
  • 2G Car OBD GPS Tracker with Mileage Statistics
  • 2G Car OBD GPS Tracker with Mileage Statistics
  • 2G Car OBD GPS Tracker with Mileage Statistics
  • 2G Car OBD GPS Tracker with Mileage Statistics

2G Car OBD GPS Tracker with Mileage Statistics

Model NO. IDD-213GD

IDD-213GD is an intelligent OBD2 (on-board diagnostic) device compatible with passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, it features plug-and-play technology, could read engine diagnostic info from vehicle ECU and capture vehicle location data, then send them to backend server for real-time remote diagnostic and tracking purpose.



Easily install.


Realtime Tracking

Can report the real-time location according the time interval ,distance,heading change.

Driving Behavior

Including speeding, hard acceleration, hard deceleration etc.

Remote Power off

Remote power off the engine via connect a relay.


Fuel Consumption

Statistics the trip fuel consumption.

Engine Data

Read engine data and diagnostic trouble codes.


Statistics the trip mileage.

Unplug Alarm

When the device is removed, it will send out an alarm to server.

Size 63mm (L) x 48mm (W) x 28mm (H)
Weight 50g
Interface OBD interface: 16 pin standard OBD II
Configuration interface: Micro-USB
SIM card interface: Push-Push Type
Data transmission GPRS/SMS
Positioning method GPS
Storage 2MB FLASH, up to 24,000 GPS data storage
OBD protocol SAE J1850 PWM
ISO 9141-2
ISO 14230-4
ISO 15765-4
SAE J1939
SAE J1587/J1708
Working Voltage 9-36VDC
Working Current Max.: <200mA@13.8/27.6VDC
Average: <150mA@13.8/27.6VDC
Sleep mode: <10mA@12/24VDC
Backup battery 3.7V/160mAH
GPS Channels: 66
Sensitivity: -165dBm
Accuracy: 5m CEP
Time to first fix:
Cold start: <35s (typ.)
Hot start: <1s (typ.)
Cellular Frequency:
GSM/GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Network protocol: Embedded TCP/IP stack
Output power:
Class 4 (2W, 33dBm)@850/900MHz
Class 1 (1W, 30dBm)@1800/1900MHz
Driving behavior detection 6-axis IMU 
LED Indication GPS/Cellular/OBD indication
Cellular Antenna Internal
GPS Antenna Internal
Accessories Configuration cable
OBD II extension cable
9-Pin deutsch wiring harness
6-Pin deutsch wiring harness
Power cable
Working Temperature -30℃ ~ +70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Humidity 5%~95%(no fog)

Why vehicle fleet management system is necessary?

1. Driving behavior
Drivers’ fatigue driving, dangerous driving, cross-regional driving, fuel stealing, and private use, which seriously affects driving safety and increases the company’s operation and maintenance costs.

2. Efficient fleet management
Enterprise fleet management generally has problems such as poor supervision, difficulty in obtaining real-time vehicle location information, and inability to achieve precise and efficient scheduling.

3. Government regulation
In recent years, the government has paid more and more attention to the safety of school buses, buses, trucks and other fleets management, emphasizing the strengthening of intelligent video surveillance and safety protection measures.

Sinocastel Remote Visualized Fleet Management Solution

Sinocastel provides intelligent and remote visualized fleet management solutions, making full use of the Internet of Things and Internet of Vehicles technology to achieve efficient vehicle management. Through multi-functional OBD GPS Tracker intelligent terminal, it can record various information during vehicle driving, obtain vehicle real-time location, speed, driving trajectory, abnormal warning, etc., and form a data analysis report through VMS (vehicle management system) to fully monitor the driver’s driving behavior.

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