Gateway Integration


Advantages of Sinocastel Gateway


1.Free Gateway

vehicle management system gateway

Gateway Technical Characteristics

1. Use Spring framework to develop and Netty as communication framework.
2. The data is stored in MySQL+MongoDB.
3. Support to distributed deployment.

Gateway Data Characteristics

1. Current GPS query
2. History tracking query
3. Trip data query (start & end time of the trip, mileage, fuel consumption…)
4. DTC analysis and query of fault code
5. PID analysis and query of working condition data
6. Remote switch control


How Gateway Work

vehicle management system gateway

How To Use Gateway

vehicle management system gateway

1. Remote Deployment: After we deploy the gateway application to the customer's server,
the setup only needs to connect to the gateway server.
The customer can then query the data uploaded by the device to the server through API.

2. Deployment Period: 1-2 working days
3. Gateway Management: The customer manages the gateway
4. Gateway Maintenance: We help the customer to maintain the gateway for free if it has any bug or issue.


Gateway Advantages


Without Gateway

1. Integration Protocol: Integrates the device hex format communication protocol.
2. Integration Protocol Period: 3-6 months.

vehicle management system gateway

Using Gateway

1. Without Integration Protocol: No need to integrate the device hex format communication protocol.
2. Gateway Deployment Period: 1-2 working days.

3. Reducing Testing & Integration Times: Greatly improve the efficiency of project delivery.

vehicle management system gateway

Customers only need to focus on their own front application function development,
and helping customers to save project integration protocol time and win projects quickly & efficiently.


Free iOS & Android Bluetooth SDKs


Android SDK Displaying Source Code

vehicle management system gateway


iOS Display Interface Source Code

vehicle management system gateway

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